three generations of family coming together in Sydney | family session | Camden NSW

I wasn't sure what would happen when I drove out to see Helena and her family for this family session. I had known her for a long time, but hadn't seen her in years or met her husband and children yet. She had arranged for her parents to join us and also had her brother and his wife coming along which was special as they didn't live in Australia anymore and had just one afternoon to spend with us before leaving Sydney. She had prepared me with the usual comments I hear ... we are not good in front of the camera, my family might not be into it, it probably won't be easy at all, my dad doesn't smile, we struggle to get a good family photo at the best of times... I was definitely feeling the pressure as I packed my camera bag, there were going to be a lot of personalities there and I had been told several times none of them liked the camera! The weather forecast was not looking good either, a cold front was headed our way and maybe some rain...

What happened in the next few hours had me doing a little happy dance in my head.. I arrived at her house and the most gorgeous little girl met me at the end of their drive and held my hand while she walked me to the door. We went through some outfit choices and had a friendly chat with her extended family. We drove to our beautiful location where the weather was clear and the light beautiful. Her children were so easy and so much fun, playing up to the camera. Everyone had put in the extra effort with professional hair and make up and looked natural but amazing. And the icing on the cake, we had Yiayia and Papou smiling for most of the afternoon ... ah isn't it amazing what the love of grandchildren will do! 

Of course, this ended up being one of my favourite family sessions of all time.

a brand new family mini session on a very windy day | Sydney | NSW

Some of our favourite people came to visit all the way from Colorado with their newborn son Lachlan. In amongst the chaos that comes from travelling with a baby only a few months old we managed to grab a quick moment to capture this beautiful boy and their joy at having this new life enter the world. It was super windy and a little chilly so we worked quickly and then bundled him up in blankets and went out for dumplings. The end of a great day. 

featured on the fount collective | a fine art maternity session in Sydney

The clouds were gathering over Sydney again. This summer had been one full of hot soaking rain, unexpected lightening and booms of thunder. As we sat together with this beautiful woman getting ready : four woman discussing her new journey which will be starting in one week. The make up artist is a mother of 3, sharing stories, smiles and hugs. I listen quietly, thinking about the time when I will have my turn. I feel so privileged to be able to capture the emotions I see in front of me. SHE is so excited to be a mother for the first time. We head to a wild park in the middle of the city, the sky the most unusual colour as the storm starts closing in on us. I love to capture her happiness as she thinks about her precious one about to arrive and the wind starts stirring up. She hardly notices.. she’s in her own world...


Sydney Maternity Photographer KIN by Love Note 

Make up by Elizabeth Mizyed

Hair by Sharon Min for Make up Mode

Film Processing Richard Photo Lab

a rainy day wandering in the hunter valley | James & Lisa | couple shoot

One of my favourite #lovenotelovers sessions almost didn't happen. My idea was to capture some sweet images of our friends James & Lisa in the Hunter Valley where they had been living for almost 10 years before they relocated to Melbourne to start a new section of their life. On the morning we planned to shoot I woke up feeling terrible and really didn't think I would last the day... to make it even worse my dream of sunlit grapevines was dashed when grey clouds came over and rain started to fall. But in typical style these two pulled it together and made the whole session absolute fun. For those who know James he is one of the funniest guys I've met and has a whole stash of dad jokes and model poses - between each of these photos we were laughing our faces off. We even managed to sneak in a little Hunter Valley picnic & wine organised by the lovely Lisa as the rain cleared for a while. As we arrived at our final location the rain really poured down and by this stage we were deliriously laughing as we ran in the rain under the cover of the trees. A long hot shower and warm clothes once home made it a really lovely day.

Thank you to my lovely husband Nelson for second shooting with me - it's always better when we are together!

L x

Film processing by Raw Digital & Film Lab

Jewellery by Stone & Gem The Label

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