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storytelling sessions

Telling your story is an honor.

Through your Emotive Storytelling Session, I will be there to capture the little moments while you interact authentically with your loved ones. A session typically begins with some posed portraits. After we capture the more classic images, our session will become more relaxed to give you a chance to have fun as I take candid photographs. My deepest desire is to capture you and the ones you are with at your best; genuinely enjoying each others company, making new memories together, and being true to who you are. If you have trouble being in front of the camera (like me!) don’t worry! I am here to guide and direct you throughout the entire session to create space for authentic and emotive moments to happen naturally.

Your Emotive Storytelling Session will give you memories to look back on that bring a heartfelt reaction, making moments of passion, laughter and fun standstill to be revisited year after year.

Each Emotive Storytelling Session will provide you with images you’ll cherish. I aim to capture moments of each person individually, as well as interacting with each other in various pairings. I’ll be sure to capture moments of siblings being silly together, parents sharing soft moments with their children, and parents showing the spark that initially brought them together.

I have 3 different portrait packages starting at $650 that vary in length and images delivered. I would be more than happy to walk you through the different packages and together, we can determine which package is best for you. 


If you ache for authentic photos of you + your people,
at-home family sessions are for you.

How it works. Photo sessions will take place in and around your home, in your favorite places and spaces. We’ll start in your home, but your backyard and your porch and the park around the corner you go to every day are not off-limits. It’s about documenting you in your meaningful spaces–-something choruses of “cheese!” in the autumn leaves just can’t touch.


If you have specific things you do as a family together, we’ll document those things – but, if you just want love-soaked images full of giggles and funny faces and the beautiful mess that is your everyday life, well, that’s at the top of my list.

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